Change of address announcements with mason jars

You just found the perfect apartment in your preferred neighborhood and in your budget. It will be your first place and it is close to restaurants and clubs and shopping and transportation. You are so excited and want to shout it from the rooftops! What’s the best way to let everyone know? Why, with a perfectly designed change of address postcard from My Moving Cards of course!

We have a large selection styles and you are sure to find the perfect design to match your individuality. Our talented expert designer will make sure all your details are perfect and reflect your personal style. Now you will want to let your landlord know in writing and stop by your bank so they can arrange to order new checks for you. The post office will give you change of address cards for other needs. Call your utility and cable companies and let them know where and when you will be moving so they can transfer service. Visit the Department of Motor Vehicles to change the address on your driver’s license and car registration.

You can call your closest friends and family or put a note on Facebook or Twitter, but the absolute best way to tell everyone that you are moving is with one of our change of address cards. They are beautifully designed 4 X 6 postcards and all you do is address each one and mail it. Postage is under $.30 cents for each card. Our change of address cards come in boxed sets of 25 for a budget friendly price and if you order 50 or more we will give you free shipping. You will want to send them out about a month before you move. Who knows, you might get a lot of volunteers to help you move.

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