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A common phrase popularized a few years ago was “Texas is Like a Whole Other Country”. That tends to be true in some ways. They have their own way of doing things and have been very successful at it. They have a booming tourist industry, great cities and moderate cost of living. Let’s have a look at some of the common things people tell you about moving there.

The Lone Star State Texas is used to standing on its’ own since it was once a Republic and its’s flag is flown equal to the US Flag. Note the single star on its State Flag.

Southern Charm and Manners: Good Manners and hospitality is the order of the day. Doors are opened for women no matter what their age. Texans are polite and welcoming.

Odds and Ends: Cutoffs and Cowboy Boots is an unofficial uniform in hot Texas weather.

Shiner Bock Ice Cream: It is a quintessential Texas dessert, but you can get tipsy on it. It’s made of sweet cream blended with Shiner Bock beer and corn syrup.

Vegetarian: What’s That? Expect to see lots of beef wherever you go.

Pick Up Trucks: All folks really need is their pickup trucks, but you don’t have to actually pickup anything – trucks are simply great for driving. Family cars are for showing off with Fuzzy Dice, Family Decals and even steer horns on Cadillacs.

Multi-Shopping: Don’t be surprised that you can fill up your gas tank, buy a rifle and ammunition all at the same place. But Texas has plenty of malls and fancy shopping centers too.

Military Pride: Texas has the most residents serving in the military – that’s Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. You’ll notice it pretty quick. So, Don’t Mess with Texas!

The Alamo: One of the greatest prides and joys of Texas (besides Houston and NASA, of course) is the Alamo. The brave Texas defenders’ act of valor was pivotal in the fight against the Mexican army, which eventually ended the revolution for good.

Bits and Pieces

  • Football isn’t just a sport, it’s a religion.
  • Every soft drink or soda is a ‘Coke”.
  • Tex-Mex is a real thing- Mexican food Texas Style.
  • Red Fire Ants are real and all Texans know that. They bite and sting. Steer clear.
  • Twisters? It’s true that Texas does hold the record for the most in a year at 137.
  • Dust Storms are a fact of life in Texas.
  • Everyone knows how to line dance. Learn how to do it and you’ll make friends real fast!
  • True Texas Chili is made up of spicy meat and thick chili sauce, just the way cowboys like it. No kidney beans included.

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