Holiday Moving Announcements


There is so much excitement around Christmas and holiday season. Spending time with family and friends, special celebrations and traditions, catching up with everybody. Now it’s your turn to do something new. With a new year approaching, you have found the perfect way to start off. A new apartment is available and you have decided it is time for a change and to renew your commitment to yourself. This is your gift to you this year.

We are here to make sure you get everyone notified in a special way with a uniquely designed holiday moving announcements and new address Christmas cards from My Moving Cards studio. We have styles and themes that are perfect for the holiday season. Our original holiday moving announcements and new address Christmas cards will make your special announcement stand out, true to your personal style.

So, while you are shopping for friends and family this year, take a little time for yourself and find the perfect holiday moving announcements to send. You will want to get them out probably just after Thanksgiving to make sure everyone gets them in time.

They are sold in sets of 25 and reasonably priced especially since you are gift shopping also. We will happily offer free shipping on orders of 50 or more.

When you visit My Moving Cards shop, and click the order button, that will bring you to a customer area to guide you to enter your details and our designer will work with you from there. We offer a quick turn-around time and guarantee our work. 

Let this celebratory time of joy and renewal help your new residence ignite your personal goals and happiness. Step into a new you and new life in the New Year.


New home holiday cards | New address Christmas cards
New home holiday cards
New address Christmas cards | New home holiday cards
"New Year - New Home" holiday moving announcement
Merry Christmas from our new home
Holiday moving announcements | "We've moved" Christmas cards
Holiday moving announcements | New address Christmas cards
Holiday moving announcements
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