Get yourself organized and make moving house easy with this free moving checklist. Free to download and print. Use this moving checklist to make sure you remember everything!

Moving checklist free printable

2 Months Out

  •  Schedule movers
  •  Arrange transportation needs for the move
  •  Reserve storage unit
  •  Acquire school transcript for children

1 Month Out

  • Buy boxes, tape and other moving necessities
  • Contact current services to cancel/transfer:  Telephone / Water / Garbage / Gas & electric / Cable/internet
  • Contact the same services in your new area to start upon moving in

1 Week out

  • Start Packing
  • Label your boxes
  • Create a moving survival kit
  • Address changes: US Postal Service / Internal Revenue / Social security / Driver License / Banks / PayPal / Loans / Store credit cards / Credit cards / Insurance / Doctors / Schools / Family / friends / Work contacts / Subscriptions / newspapers / Medical records / Dental records / Voter registration / Send out change of address cards

On Moving Day

  • Arrange for post office to hold mail for new address until move-in date
  • Keep personal and financial documents in one box
  • Plan meals for the day
  • Arrange help for kids/pets for the day
  • Inform your movers of any special instructions
  • Do a final walk around your place to make sure you have everything
  • Do a final cleaning and dispose of trashWithdraw travel cash or prepare checks  Lock all doors and windows Pay and tip your movers

Moving In

  •  Unpack and organize
  •  Confirm your new address with all services
  •  Utilities to activate: New telephone number / Water / Garbage removal / Gas & electric / Cable/internet / Government licenses, services /  Change address on driver’s license / Register children in new school
  • If moving to a different state: Apply for new driver’s license / Register car / Register to vote / Update your medical services, find new doctor, pharmacy, dentist.
  • Celebrate!
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