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Easter Moving Announcements

"Happy Easter from our new home". Our Easter moving announcements are chic and full of holiday cheer! Decorated with colorful eggs, our cards will wish your friends and family a very happy Easter while giving them all the details about your new home. The back of the...

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Moving to Florida: Things to Know

MOVING TO FLORIDA - The Sunshine State. Sunny Florida on the Atlantic Coast is well known for beautiful sunny beaches and Disney Parks and cruise ship departures and great golf courses, just to mention a few details. But there are always things about moving to any new...

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Things to Know Before Moving to Texas

A common phrase popularized a few years ago was “Texas is Like a Whole Other Country”. That tends to be true in some ways. They have their own way of doing things and have been very successful at it. They have a booming tourist industry, great cities and moderate cost...

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Moving to the Beach: Top 5 Places

So, you've been dreaming of moving to a beach town, to be close enough to see the surf, smell the salty air and hear the waves crashing. Check out below our favorite places near the beach. The Northeastern US and Canada on the Atlantic Ocean have some well-known and...

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Free Printable Moving Checklist

Get yourself organized and make moving house easy with this free moving checklist. Free to download and print. Use this moving checklist to make sure you remember everything! 2 Months Out  Schedule movers  Arrange transportation needs for the move  Reserve storage...

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