Don’t drive yourself crazy with worry. Get Organized! Make a list of what you need to do and stick to it. You can find samples online.

  1. Start a binder with sections. Keep all details in one place. Use zip-lock bags with holes punched for the binder for receipts, signed documents, confirmations, lists, etc.
  1. Organize Packing. Make list with numbers (100) and space for descriptions. Each box gets a number, color, write description next to number such as Kitchen – Dishes. You will need lots of boxes. Don’t make them too heavy. Start packing seldom used items as soon as possible. Declutter closets and dressers. Get rid of old items. Put any valuables, jewelry, coins, documents, collections in a safe deposit box or carry with you.
  1. Have plenty of supplies such as boxes in various sizes, packing tape, markers, stick on numbers, large color dots, scissors. Keep with binder. Save several boxes to use on moving day for last minute items like cleaning supplies, bedding, clothing, misc. items. Include a small tool kit. Instant Kitchen: on moving day assemble the following: coffee pot, coffee and filters, toaster, microwave containers, 1 small/1 medium pot, non-stick skillet, spatula, knife, wooden spoons, paper plates/bowls, cups, disposable cutlery, towels, toilet paper, hand and dish soap, sponge and food items, Pet Dishes and Food. Mark INSTANT KITCHEN and move yourself. For furniture/Computer, TVs –Put all screws, nails, hooks, cords, cables, etc., in a large ziploc bag and tape it securely to the item with instructions if needed.
  1. Review and Confirm moving plans, details, arrangements the week before. Make sure moving company is scheduled. On moving day, make sure the moving van that shows up is the same one indicated on your paperwork. Check personnel IDs and phone the company if necessary. Have check to pay moving company.
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